Course curriculum

  • 1
    Reference framework
    • Preface to Module 1 and to Entire Course
    • Behaviour: its origins, use and ending
    • 3 Macro-Areas of Functional Patterns
  • 2
    THE 8 PHASES OF THE PATTERNS: basic functions and integrative processes
    • The start of everything: from Detection to Evaluation, 4 phases that are often incorrectly separated
    • The importance of what happens first: Predictions and Preconditions
    • Moving on to Action: from Reflexes to Full Control
    • From rest to added value: adaptation, recovery and development
  • 3
    Early intervention: the importance of initial evaluation
    • Input that makes a difference: internal and external signals, discriminative features and contextual clues (with real-life example)
  • 4
    Reboot Techniques
    • How to use and understand the following techniques
    • Contrasting Signals
    • Amplifications and limitations
  • 5
    • Upcoming content...