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The HUB’s foundations

The HUB’s key concept is that there are various levels on which to take action and different techniques and strategies that can be used effectively to favour change, health and development. For this reason, you will regularly find links and connections between the different modules. Explore them all and try approaching them in different ways or applying them in various environments!

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Our courses – Using and applying them

You will find there are two major categories of content within the HUB:

  • Method and Theory

    These sections are richest in scientific information, references, theory and methods. Some examples are: Integrative Functional Patterns; Brain Networks & Hubs; The Key Role of Nutrition; etc.

  • Practical tools

    Include some theory, but mainly focus on techniques and practical application. These include for example: The Crossed Cycles Breathing Technique; Isometric Emotions; The Interpersonal Accommodation; The Ideographic Thinking; etc.

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